360degreepanoramas – present your property in its best form


Like no other medium, 360-degree panoramas convey a realistic impression of a room or landscape. Immerse in a new perspective. Present your company, ship or landscapes in a fully spherical and interactive way.


We create individual panoramas to integrate into websites or as high-resolution application for offline presentation. Our panoramas can be rotated 360° horizontally and 180° vertically. Show your project from its best side

Experience every perspective

Everything that can be seen from the viewer’s point of view is depicted. The integration into the website is uncomplicated and can easily be done by your agency or the webmaster. If you wish, we can also integrate the panoramas into your website.

Virtual tours

With a virtual tour, several panoramas are linked together using hotspots so that you can move from one point of view directly to the next. Individual points can also be accessed using a terrain-, building- or ship plan.

From room to room

The viewer moves from room to room using hotspots (links). A graphical adaptation of the virtual tour to your existing CI is possible. Additional information texts in one or more languages ​​can be displayed and hidden.


for tourism, real estate, shopping centers, business premises, restaurants, hotels, ships, architects and many more! High-resolution pictures with the latest technology in HDR quality. A professional 360° tour extends the time spent on your website - Virtual Reality - A new dimension!

Limitless perspectives

The enthusiasm and fascination that 360° panoramas exert on visitors and on potential customers or guests means that the time spent on your website is up to 10 times longer. 360° integrations make your website innovative. Only a direct visit is better!

Immerse yourself in virtual worlds with VR glasses

a tour in a 360° view becomes a real-time visual experience

360° panoramas & virtual tours

The virtual tours from weblinedesign let your guests walk through your hotel or resort. Show your best side. When viewed in full screen mode, the tours give the visitor the impression of being right in the middle of the action.

Customer Opinions

Only beeing there yourself is nicer! But the virtual tour through the Glasenbachklamm inspires everyone and so we can present our unique natural jewel in a unique way.

At the three locations in Salzburg, our customers can virtually visit our shops and get a first impression. We are happy to use the panoramas as a marketing tool in our social media channels.

PETER MOSER, Moser Trachten

When we had to close our gallery due to Covid 19, we came up with the idea of ​​inviting our visitors virtually on a gallery tour. The response was so overwhelming that we now do this with every new exhibition.

MARTIN KELZ, Galerie Welz

More then words explain the air pano that our hotel is directly at one of the most beautiful stretch of coast in Istria! With every mail we send a direct the link to the panorama, we use it on facebook and our clients love it.

HROVJE BADURINA, Villa Badi Istria