Present yourself with 360° panoramas! Interested?


Panoramas offer a wide range of uses. With this technology you can easily display objects that are difficult to represent in all their complexity and provide the viewer with the best possible visual information. The possible uses are varied. Whether shops, doctor’s offices, hotels, guesthouses, industrial halls, vehicles or landscapes, by using panoramas on your website you create inspiring added value.

Address your website visitors emotionally. With the help of panoramas you will create an unforgettable impression.

Architektur Immobilien

Virtual tours

From 5 single panoramas we speak of a virtual tour. By linking several individual panoramas using so-called hotspots, the individual panoramas are linked. If you click on a hotspot in the panorama, you get to the next point on the tour. Our virtual tours can combine panoramas, object movies, videos, sound and graphics.
The user moves from room to room using hotspots (links). A graphical adaptation of the virtual tour to your existing CI is possible. Additional information texts in one or more languages ​​can be displayed and hidden.

Resorts & Hotelanlagen
Liveaboards - Schiffe

Interactive aerial panoramas

Interactive 360-degree panoramas from the air provide the optimal overview. Whether tourism, real estate or industry: with aerial panoramas and embedded spots, all kinds of information can be conveyed particularly clearly in the form of images, texts and videos.

Due to certification by Austrocontrol (Austrian aviation authority), we are authorized to fly drones and take aerial photographs. If our approval is not sufficient for certain locations, we will cooperate with a partner company that has the necessary approval.

Air Panoramas

Loipe Ramsau
Villa Badi Istrien
Winterwonderland Hohenwerfen
RF Bau Abtenau

Panoramas for Facebook

The possible uses for panoramas are varied. Facebook also offers the option of displaying spherical panoramas with an embedded viewer. If the viewer is used on a mobile phone or tablet, you can move interactively in the panorama by moving the device. On the computer you can navigate and zoom with the mouse as usual.

There are some examples of such panoramas on our Facebook page.

The huge advantage of integrating 360° photos on Facebook is that the interactive content runs directly in the Facebook app on iOS or Android or in the FB timeline in the desktop browser and has significantly higher access and interaction. Rates achieved as a link to an external panoramic tour.

For privacy reasons Facebook needs your permission to be loaded. For more details, please see our Datenschutzerklärung.
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Google Street View

Discover the world with our 360° panoramas on Google Maps! Immerse yourself in fascinating places and sights as if you were actually there. Our high-resolution panoramas allow you to look around and explore the surroundings from all angles. Use the interactive features of Google Maps to move freely through the panoramas and look around from any location.
Here you can find some examples:

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There are many situations and lighting moods whose interesting changes take too long to be reproduced in a standard video. An example of this is the passing of clouds or a sunset. In addition to our 360° panoramas and virtual tours, we offer time lapse videos in 4K resolution.

These time-lapse are ideal for advertising videos and achieve a large reach on social media channels. Depending on the situation and the movement effect achieved in the video, thousands of high-resolution individual photos are created at adjusted intervals, which are then combined into a video in post-production.

Thanks to the time-lapse effect, changes become visible in the video within a few seconds, which in reality can take several minutes to hours. You can use the finished time lapse video as your own clip or as part of an image film.

For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded. For more details, please see our Datenschutzerklärung.
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Customer Opinions

Only beeing there yourself is nicer! But the virtual tour through the Glasenbachklamm inspires everyone and so we can present our unique natural jewel in a unique way.

At the three locations in Salzburg, our customers can virtually visit our shops and get a first impression. We are happy to use the panoramas as a marketing tool in our social media channels.

PETER MOSER, Moser Trachten

When we had to close our gallery due to Covid 19, we came up with the idea of ​​inviting our visitors virtually on a gallery tour. The response was so overwhelming that we now do this with every new exhibition.

MARTIN KELZ, Galerie Welz

More then words explain the air pano that our hotel is directly at one of the most beautiful stretch of coast in Istria! With every mail we send a direct the link to the panorama, we use it on facebook and our clients love it.

HROVJE BADURINA, Villa Badi Istria